Must Have Item: the New Celine Tote

Must Have Item: the New Celine Tote

Welcome to my new collection of weekly posts! In this series of posts I will explore the apparel and accessories that have recently caught my eye. The goal for this category of posts is to expose all of you fashionable ladies to items that will strengthen your wardrobe and add polish to your daily ensembles, and to show you professional women that style can be infused into office-wear.

Without further ado, meet Celine’s newest tote bag. The Parisian label is known for its sumptuous leathers, boasting more than a few of its iconic handbags among the lists of “It” bags. There is a slight drawback however–this tote comes with a hefty price tag, as does the milieu of products that Celine brings to market. Think of this bag as an investment piece that will appreciate with time–after all, it’s $3,000+ asking price rivals that of a down-payment on a car. But think of it in cost-per-wear terms, a.k.a. the dollar price of this beautiful tote spread among the number of times you wear it. The $3,000 becomes more reasonable, does it not (if only a newly working girl could dream!)?

This Celine tote it truly timeless. Its minimalist lines, butter-soft leather in a warm caramel hue, and roomy shape allow this bag to be carried season after season. Perfect for work, this tote is perfect for lugging around your work documents in style. On the weekend, simply pair it with jeans and a white t-shirt and carry it to your local farmers market. Happy styling!


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