Stylish Meets Successful: Lorna Kelly

Stylish Meets Successful: Lorna Kelly

As a young professional who appreciates the beauty of fashion and the fun associated with personal style, I feel that it is important to honor the ladies who have managed to infuse a sense of style and personality into their noteworthy careers. There is an apparent disconnect that arises between the fashion world and the working world, and women often have a hard time navigating the two. What I want to show professional women of all ages is that work attire can be stylish too. In this series of posts, “Stylish Meets Successful,” I will document accomplished career women who have managed to maintain their personality and style through the clothes that they wear to the office. My hope is to inspire all of you working women to express yourself at the office in a chic, appropriate and professional manner.

For my first post in this category, I wanted to introduce you to Lorna Kelly–the first female auctioneer to grace America’s art scene. At 30 years old, the Brit was working as the secretary at Sotheby’s New York, only to be told that she was too “wild” to be promoted. As can be seen in this photo, the energy-laden maven with the pink streaks gracing her chic coif, was anything but your stereotypical art auctioneer. Despite her rambunctious persona, theatricality, and vintage-inspired wardrobe, Kelly took it upon herself to declare to the President of Soetheby’s that she wanted to conduct her own sales–and he agreed. Ever since, Kelly has been a dominant force in the industry, pushing extravagant wares such as the last diamond necklace worn by Princess Diana–she even earned herself a cameo (playing herself, of course) in the hit TV series “Sex and the City.”

What draws me to Lorna Kelly is the fact that she took her success into her own hands–and she did not sacrifice her personality or style to do so. She is the true definition of power woman. Boasting a quirky-cool sense of style, Kelly paved her own way through the major-league art scene–and she did it with flair! The fact that she was the first woman in the art business to do so only adds to her unique-factor. Lorna Kelly should be a reminder to all career women to stay true to your heart and your passions, and to fight for yourself and the things that you believe in, because ultimately, that will lead you to the most successful career, accompanied by a life filled with happiness and fulfillment.


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