The Trendiest Addiction: Shopping

We’ve all heard before from countless girls how they have a shopping problem—inherited from their Mothers, reinforced by their friends, and affirmed by a closet overstuffed with colorful goodies. Of course for most people, this self-proclaimed addiction is a mere hobby or bonding mechanism between a mother and daughter or a girl and her friends, but it is becoming a certifiable problem recognized by psychologists. It sounds ridiculous, but shopping can be a real addiction that’s just as serious as dependency on alcohol or drugs—and it seems to be getting extremely popular. Books, movies, and television shows alike have begun placing more of an emphasis on this “trendy” disease. Take the film Confessions of a Shopaholic, starring Isla Fisher, which features a new college grad who has an extreme shopping addiction. For Miss Rebecca Bloomwood, shopping is more than just an occasional fun treat—it is what keeps her sane and functioning.

Just recently, I indulged in an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, where Kim Kardashian received a phone call from her financial advisor, warning her that her shopping addiction was starting to jeopardize both her retirement savings and her plans to purchase her dream house. Kim, the queen of shopping, was shocked to hear this news and was disturbed by how serious her harmless hobby had become.

As Kim’s sisters mention, the internet is partly to blame for Kim’s shopping addiction. For a celebrity like Kim, walking into a store on a whim is not a viable option, so she turns to the internet to aid in her addictive behavior. But I couldn’t help but wonder if online shopping has spurred this behavior in the every-day woman. If you think about it, online shopping is the answer to every woman’s problems—it is quick, easy, and anonymous, which sounds to me like an addict’s paradise. For a lot of women, shopping is a form of instant gratification and serves as a sort of therapy unmatched by any other. Why browsing through clothing racks or shoe departments takes a woman’s mind of her ailing troubles, I do not know—but I do know that it has the uncanny ability to turn your spirits around. And who doesn’t like a little jolt of happiness?